Create A High Performing, Healthy Company Environment

Culture Transforming Workshops guaranteed to bring results within 6 months.

Easy to integrate and use.

See real difference in behavior.

Experience increased productivity and bottom line.

You don’t want a clock watching workforce who can’t wait to go home. You want a culture that creates unstoppable momentum and energy your clients feel.

Using the strategies and building blocks learnt from our workshops, you can craft a setting that propels your company’s success while also enriching personal and professional growth.

A negative culture can ripple through every department, affecting outcomes and relationships.

These challenges manifest in a variety of ways:

Stiff resistance to change from departments, causing innovation bottlenecks.

Friction in team interactions and relationships causing delays and incohesion.

A misalignment between declared organizational values and actual day-to-day behaviors.

Employee retention rates drop and talented individuals leave.

“Negative company culture impacts performance and team morale.
They lose interest and passion for their job and start looking for greener pastures. You now have a seat warmer, rather than a committed team member.

CultureBlox helps you change all this”.

– Andrew Bycroft

We understand your struggle to keep your teams engaged and productivity high, while at the same time battling to reinforce your company values.

Our role is to help improve your company culture using the 8 building block workshops. We guide companies like yours to find the right balance between employee well-being and business outcomes, by creating behaviors that bring your company values to life.

4 Decades of Helping Companies Develop Culture

Founded in Innovation and Transformation

At CultureBlox, we have over 4-decades of combined experience in shaping positive workplace culture. Andrew Bycroft’s diverse career path and Neelabh Sharma’s extensive experience reflect our deep understanding of organizational challenges and our commitment to effective, lasting solutions.

From physicist to CEO, a testament to adaptability and expertise.

Versatile roles from banking to global sustainability initiatives.

Strategies addressing complex challenges with measurable success.

Commitment to issues ranging from education to environmental health.

Here’s How You Create A High Performing Healthy Company Environment In
3 Easy Steps

Schedule a Call

Let’s discuss your company culture and identify the areas that need help. We’ll develop a plan that aligns values with culture to help your company grow.

Begin Workshops

We begin integrating the 8 building blocks into your company through a series of workshops specifically designed for your needs.

Witness the Culture Transformation

Bring your company values to life. See noticeable change in 6 months. Have more cohesive departments, happier customers, and a stronger bottom line. 

Turn your traditional, routine-driven workplace into a dynamic, productive company.

Increase bottom-line results and create a space where your employees know, understand, and implement your company values – all within 6 months.

Service 1: Problem Diagnosis Workshop

Unlock Organizational Excellence in Just One Hour

Rapid Transformation with Our Problem Diagnosis Workshop

Our Problem Diagnosis Workshop is a powerful, one-hour session to uncover and address the foundational issues hindering your organization’s success. In just 60 minutes, we offer a path to identify, actively solve, and transform your workplace culture.

Discover the underlying problems linked to the eight CultureBlox behaviors.

Ideal for all levels, with flexible delivery options: online, in-person, or hybrid.

Strategies for quick, sustainable cultural transformation.

Designed to prevent common pitfalls in culture change, ensuring results within six months.

Service 2: Culture Strategy Workshop

Strategize Your Culture Transformation

Customized Planning for Maximum Impact

Our Culture Strategy Workshop offers a comprehensive four-hour session to tailor a culture transformation strategy specific to your organization’s needs. Within this strategic workshop, we:

Align your values with the desired results, bridging discrepancies through our eight CultureBlox behaviors.

To customize the rollout effectively, classify your team members into leaders, early adopters, late adopters, resistors, and disruptors.

Develop a detailed timeline for implementing culture transformation workshops, ensuring inclusivity and engagement across all levels of your organization.

Establish metrics to evaluate adopting and integrating key behaviors into daily practices.

The session is structured to include all leadership and key team members, ensuring alignment and shared understanding, paving the way for a successful cultural shift.

Service 3: Culture Transformation Workshops

Interactive sessions for bringing the organization’s values to life.
Ongoing support and guidance.

Interactive sessions for bringing the organization’s values to life.
Ongoing support and guidance.

Problem diagnosis – $500
Strategy workshop – $3,500
Behavior workshops – $20,000+

Discover how the 8 building blocks will 
grow and enrich your company culture:


This creates an environment where appreciation and positive feedback are the norm, encouraging a culture of recognition and boosting morale. It fosters a workplace where every contribution is valued, enhancing team spirit and collaboration.


This behavior shapes a caring and supportive workplace. It ensures that employees feel valued and understood, which can enhance job satisfaction, reduce turnover, and improve team dynamics.


By valuing simplicity, businesses can streamline processes, reduce unnecessary bureaucracy, and make decision-making more efficient. This leads to a more agile and responsive organization.


This fosters trust and open communication, leading to better decision-making and a more inclusive environment. It ensures that everyone is on the same page, promoting honesty and integrity in all dealings.


This is crucial for achieving company goals and driving success. It helps in prioritising tasks, managing time effectively, and keeping the team aligned with the organization's objectives.


Valuing competence ensures that the organization is staffed with skilled and knowledgeable employees. This leads to higher quality work, better customer service, and a strong reputation in the market.


Encouraging employees to be courageous leads to a culture of innovation and risk-taking. It empowers employees to voice their ideas, challenge the status quo, and embrace new challenges, driving growth and progress.


In today's fast-changing business landscape, adaptability is key. It creates a flexible and resilient culture, capable of handling change and seizing new opportunities, ensuring the organization's long-term success.

Experience tangible improvements and results:

Increase your revenue and profit share.

Higher levels of productivity.

Employees enjoy coming to work and embody the company culture.

Customers come back for more.

Company problems can often be traced back to a failure to bring the company values to life. Without change, these issues not only remain but persist and grow.

Recognizing and correcting this misalignment is vital. 
That’s what our CultureBlox Workshops will do.

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